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Some Enchanted Evening

Some Enchanted Evening  - Christina Dodd I wanted to give this book only 2 stars, really. The story itself offers little.

But Christina Dodd's writing made the book an easy read. I did not struggle to stay focused so I just quickly went through the story. I like both lead characters, Clarice and Robert. Clarice the princess is definitely better portrayed than Robert. Robert, other than his brooding war veteran image, has no shape. I feel like I don't know him even at the end of the book.

The plotline is simple. Princess in exile meets Scottish war veteran Lord. Seriously Robert could have been English or Chinese, it would not have made any difference. It is definitely not a Scottish/highland romance. Robert blackmailed Clarice into doing something for him so that he could take revenge on an despicable man who was his commanding officer (or something like that) in the war. In the process they had sex and somehow fell in love. But Clairce had to return to her country, duty calls. Robert let her go only to find Clarice return later, because true love conquers all.

I do not have problems with the fairy tale storyline. It is silly, but once in a while I do not mind a fairy tale. But I had trouble understanding why they behaved the way they did. I don't know why Robert decided to seduce Clarice. I don't know why Clarice let him have sex with her. I don't know what Robert thought having Clarice pretend to be the Spanish woman would achieve. I don't know why Clarice decided to be Robert's lover for as long as it was possible. There was literally no relationship development. We were told they were attracted to each other then they had sex. Love and possessiveness, we were also told. None of which I was convinced of.

Because I like Christina Dodd's writing I am going 3 generous stars. If it was any lesser writer this book would have been 2 stars.