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The Dark Duke

The Dark Duke - Laura Landon Laura Landon writes lyrical proses and her writing is a joy to follow. All the books I have read from her confirms that. The Dark Duke is no exception. I love Sterling Randolph and Amanda Radburn, the lead characters in this book as much as I did all of Landon's main characters.

As is my usual practice, when I am between stars, I go lower. If Goodreads allowed half stars, my real rating would be 3.5 sweet stars. But because it is Laura Landon, whose stories always bring a sense of peace to me, I am going up, which rarely happens. The Dark Duke is a soothing book with unrealistic plots, but it is a perfect feel-good book.

The Dark Duke is the sequel to [b: The Most to Lose|16071486|The Most to Lose|Laura Landon|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1373676823s/16071486.jpg|21865444], and I think it is a better story. Sterling Randolph, in an attempt to reconcile with his estranged sister, the heroine from The Most to Lose, agreed to find out what was going on with Amanda Radburn, his archenemy but his sister's best friend. The story features a mystery to solve. Sterling and Amanda reluctantly worked together and realized that they have outgrown the hostility that had defined their relationship for so long.

The book features Laura Landon's signature style: calming and soft-hearted. Her characters are always lovable and relatable. I very much appreciate the level-headedness of her characters, who even in rage, act with dignity. Landon even managed to redeem Sterling, which is no small effort. I love her heroines, even though I know it is my personal preference, I still love them, unabashedly.

This would be my 5th (or more? I cannot be sure) book from Laura Landon and the same issue remains: she really needs to work on her intimate scenes. She likes to skip the sex scenes, which actually worked in her [b: Betrayed by Your Kiss|23390862|Betrayed by Your Kiss|Laura Landon|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1418516473s/23390862.jpg|42948535], featuring a very strong pair of lead characters, Damien and Olivia. With her less prominent characters, I think a little heat would help. Ms. Landon if you are reading the reviews, please consider that. Your characters are so wonderful. They deserve some great sex. :D

I also think the plots are a bit thin. So for readers who like plot-driven stories, they may be disappointed.

In conclusion: I love Laura Landon's characters and the tenderness she always writes her stories with. I would really love to see more depth in the relationship and if possible, more substance in the plotline. I usually think the romance writers overdo sex in their novels but seriously Ms Landon, unless you create another pair of Damien and Olivia, show us a little skin.