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Seduction of a Highland Lass

Seduction of a Highland Lass  - Maya Banks Highlander, healer, forbidden love, clan alliance through marriage, fatal injuries and happily ever after. There it is, you have the book.

Throw in overbearingly inconsiderate older brother who was happily married and oh so in love but did not advise his younger brother to choose the woman in love over his ill-replaced sense of responsibility. Yes Ewan from book 1, I am talking about you. I get that you are all very responsible people but seirously how can you let your younger brother marry someone else when he has already found love, ESPECIALLY when you yourself have found love after much suffering?

I think Maya Banks really can write a sexy story. The sex scenes in these book seem however, unnecessary to me or rather, they did not do much. We have 2 people who are so in love and the only way they could show their love is fxcking each other senseless? (excuse my language)

I like Alaric and Keeley, MUCH better than Ewan and Mairin. That much is true. The book is not bad. It just gets a little old with all the sex and flowery I love yous. I still had an ok time reading it and I like it better than the first book. But I have to skip Caelen's story because I don't think I can take this sweetness anymore. That is quite a shame but Caelen seems to be the most interesting character.

And I wonder, am I the only one who is wondering why Alaric talks like a woman in love? If a man keeps "telling" me that we "must cherish the night" and "our love will last forever", I would burst into laughters. I can imagine that probably would work for some of the ladies. For someone like me......ugh......I would want to tell him to man up. lol