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My Devilish Scotsman

My Devilish Scotsman  - Jen Holling This book is a rather unusual read. I usually stay away from novels with paranormal elements. But occasionally I can read a witchy or fairy book. The entire series is about how 3 witches found love. I was curious so downloaded one of them.

I like the writing a lot. It is not a chore to follow through. That helped me with the paranormal sections.

Nicholas was the unfortunate jilted groom from the heroine of the first book. Now he is to be paired with the 2nd sister, Gillian. Their encounter was rather uneventful. Looking back, I don't think there was anything remarkable about it. What I liked the best about the book was Nicholas. He was supposed to be dark and evil and he was. But his interactions with Gillian made it all up.

Because it was a rather pleasant read I gave 4 stars. In terms of content I think this is a 3 stars book. It could have been a great book. I really enjoyed it and did not want to stop reading it. A few things to add:

1. Love potion: they are witches mind you. What is a witch without a love potion? I was exasperated reading about Gillian giving Nicholas a love potion. I would so hate her if I were Nicholas. Nicholas being the suspicous man that he was did not drink it but made Gillian think that he did. That saved this idiotic plot for me. But come on! A love potion was really testing my paranormal-averse boundaries.
2. All the paranormal elements: I knew what I was getting into so I was prepared for it. But I skim-read when they went on and on about witchcraft and ghosts. I think I am with Nicholas on this.
3. Nicholas: I like him. haha. (secret smiles)
4. Gillian: kind of blah but at least she was calm and was not angry a lot.