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Fire Song (Medieval Song Quartet)

Fire Song (Medieval Song Quartet) - Catherine Coulter More Catherine Coulter re-read for me. I think of all her books, Fire Song and Secret Song are my favorites. But I really would not recommend this book to anyone as a romance novel. It is a story with a lot of sexual actions. Typical of Coulter. In a medieval setting, her typical asshole and cruel heros don't seem so outrageous and out of place.

I rate it 5 stars because I could not stop reading this book. I wanted to read on and see how Graelem and Kassia reconciled with each other. Graelem is a real asshole, no kidding. You rarely see a hero with such unredeemable qualities. Kassia is all perfect and forgiving with occational shows of girlish pride. It is not the romance that appealed to me. Honestly there is no romance in this story at all, if you ask me. It does however, concentrates on the relationship, how the relationship began tenderly and then was destroyed by distrust and doubts.

I will not make excuses for Graelem's behaviors. He is no hero. I can almost see him in some of the men I know. Unyieldling and stubborn, distrustful and selfish. While in reality such men stay the assholes that they are, Graelem's gradual change because of Kassia paints a believable, albeit unlikely, picture of typical female fantasies that women could "save such men from their misery", aka turn a bad boy into a loving man, which of course, is only an urban legend.

If you generally find Coulter's stories repulsive, you will likely find this one repulsive as well. If you want a tender romance, skip it too. If you want a historical fiction with a relationship as the backbone, and like me, can put some distance between fiction and reality, you might enjoy this book as much as I did.