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Slightly Scandalous

Slightly Scandalous - Mary Balogh Freyja hater, yep, that's me, guilty as charged.

The rating is not a reflection of Ms. Balogh's writing. This is Freyja hating, plain and simple. My disgust for Freyja runs deep. I read this book many, I repeat, many years ago. And I still remember how disgusted I was by Freyja. This is a 200% personal feeling. I am certain that she would appeal to another group of readers who love her to pieces. I respect that. It is just my feelings are on the other side of the spectrum. She completely destroyed the story for me. Her poor husband to be, dilicious poor Joshua, was put in a relationship that has a lot of "how dare you" moments.

Why do I dislike her, you ask?

Let's see, what do I hate in a female?

1. Capriciousness - check
2. Prideful but insecure - check
3. Spoiled - checked
4. Asking "how dare you?" - check (why the hell dare I not? You dare me, I dare you right back.)
5. Taking things for granted - check
6. Issuing accusations when none is warranted - check
7. Pretending to not care while actually harboring a strong sense of inferiority - so check
8. Equating being prideful with being snobbish - check

Need I go on? I hope I have painted a telling picutre of who Freyja Bedwyn is. It is petty of me but I dislike her so much that I have to write a review for my Freyja-bashing.

I beg your pardon. Such females really give me headaches.