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The Kindling Heart

The Kindling Heart - Carmen Caine I will confess that my 2 stars are a bit harsh and perhaps premature. If I was not in such a reading rut, I would probably have rated higher. But after 3 weeks of boring books my patience is at a record low, which attributed to my 2 star rating. If I was in my right frame of mind this book would have been a weak 3 stars book.

I am uncertain how Bree ended up being the replacement bride for Ruan. It was a lot of angry highlanders and some old and/or mean women and boom Bree was married to Ruan. I have no mental pictures for either characters nor can I imagine them being attracted to each other. Bree pretty much just screams and stratches Ruan whenever she can and tries to run away at every turn. When the evil sister in law of Ruan appears in the book I have completely lost my interest in getting to know the couple. This was early in the book too, about 30%.

Then I pretty much just skim-read. The plot was boring. Ruan is a so so hero. Bree was rather pathetic. I don't know why writers create such heroines. Fighting and running away do not mean courage. Running away once could be a good chapter, if the writer writes well. But come on, we all know that they are going to end up being together. So why would I want to read about how they plot to escape each other? Write about how they come to care for each other. how they fall in love, how they try not to fall in love. Having the heroine running away from the hero when they hardly know each other is extremely boring. There is no feeling in such plots. Just fears, survival instincts, defense and lack of trust (warranted or not). None of which is romantic.

I really don't feel that there is much more to say about this book. I hardly care for any intimate scenes or even kissing for Ruan and Bree. Have hot sex until the bed is broken or do not have sex at all, I couldn't care less. When there are no warm feelings and tender moments, sex is just a lame subsitute for romance.

Now everyone who read this review knows what a hopeless romantic I am and, quite a sap, quite a sap.