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Unraveled by the Rebel

Unraveled by the Rebel - Michelle Willingham Aghhhh I am so torn about the rating. Honestly it is not my 4 stars kind of books. I won't read it again. But this book has a very difficult plot to sell. And I think the author did alright by Paul and Juliette. Come on Goodreads, half star already! This book would have been just how I imagine 3.5 stars would be.
I really like Paul as a character. He isn't the typical hero but he has something that most heros don't have: he is avoiding sex for his woman, not to hide his heart away and avoid forming strings. It made him seem a lot more noble than say Simon Bassett from "The Duke and I" by Julia Quinn.
Julliet is also a ok heroine. Better than her older sister Victoria. I must say Paul outshines her though. This book is a major improvement from the first book in the series.
The reason why I cannot really give it 4 stars with my heart: the writing or the style or the plots. I don't know what it is. I feel that this is a really great couple with much potential. But in this book they only get 70% of their greatness. Come to think of it I must say that I think it is the plots. Paul and Juliette have so much material between them. But the author wrote about Juliette's mother and father (whose relationship I really do not care about but it is an recurring theme for Willingham), Juliette's sisters, and people around them. Why oh why? This is a perfectly great couple with a lot of feelings between them. Why waste pages on secondary characters? Secondary characters are there to support the relationship development of the lead characters. You don't use them to reach your page quota.
I would be curious to see how another writer would write the same story. For example, I would love to see what Elizabeth Hoyt would do with such a couple. Paul and Juliette's story is almost there for me but no, it's 3.5.
I am willing to give it 4 stars because it really is not bad. I always go lower in rating when in doubt but not in this case. Paul and Juliette deserve better than what is alotted them. The book is missing something vital for me to say ok I want to read the story again. It leaves me wanting more. A really good story, but only partially realized.