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Heart's War

Heart's War - Kathryn Loch This book is significantly shorter than the length I usually enjoy. But I have read Kathryn Loch's other books before and know that it will be a good time reading the story, short or not. And it was indeed, a good that I had reading it.

I must say upfront that this book (or all Loch's books for that matter), could be bland for some readers. Her stories are romantic in the knightly sense, featuring often honorable knights and gentle fragile but strong-willed ladies. There are no womanizing rakes. Her heros are usually upright lords who take good care of his people and holdings. Her heroines are soft in heart but firm in actions. Quite honestly, exactly what I look for in my heroines. For readers who don't take to such character types, you may find Loch's books not to your liking.

But let me assume that you do, like such stories, I fully recommmend the book for a quick read. The story is straightforward and simple: they have know each other a long time, get married with her parents' blessing, with the purpose to help Bryn avoid a political ruin. Politics put their lives in danger. Bryn fights his war and Rose holds the keep and waits for his return. They suffer a great loss together (experienced readers should know what I am talking about right away) and stand strong together. Overall, a very gentle, loving, sweet love story. I had not expected myself to be so taken with the story. It is, overly simple in some sense. There is not much struggle to come to terms with their feelings with each other but that is why the story is so sweet. They learn to come together in love without proclaiming forever love too maturely, while all the time, showing respect and care with each other.

I will say though, Rose' parents Talon and Gwen, play a pivotal role in this book. Their story is the first installment of the series. It makes perfect sense to read the first one before you read Bryn and Rose' story. Most of the time these books in a series can be read as stand-alongs. I do think however, you can appreciate this story much more if you read about Talon and Gwen first.

I think my 5 stars review is more than what the book deserves. It does not keep you on your toes or keeps you hanging in suspense, wanting to know what happens next. But I truly enjoyed it. If you like a sweet medieval romance with a noble knight and a gentle lady, you cannot go wrong with Kathryn Loch.