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The Chief

The Chief  - Monica McCarty I started this book a few months ago and was forever stuck at 85%. I dragged myself through the last 15% and am glad to be done. I don't understand all the raving reviews. This is a rather unfeeling standard Highland romance. What is everyone seeing that I missed?

What really bothered me was how pathetic the heroine is. She wanted the hero to love her or care for her way too much for me. I mean yearning is all cool if done right. But in this book I am a little disgusted at how the heroine was pining for her hot husband who was a sex God.

And am I the only one who thinks she is TSTL? I mean, the guy told you, it is dangerous and do not come searching. What does she do? She pries and goes searching because she "wants him to share his life with her". Seriously if a guy does not want you to be part of his life, his loss. Tell him to f himself.

There are certain heroine archetypes that I just cannot abide. Top one is a shrew, number two is a woman waiting for love. Take it or leave it, seroiusly.