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The Devil of Kilmartin

The Devil of Kilmartin - Laurin Wittig This book.......I don't know what to say........

First of all it is a book with some paranormal elements. This is not usually my thing so I winced whether the heroin "healed" someone by rubbing her hands together. The paranormal elements are however, written nicely and fit in the story well. I did not mind the paranormal thing too much in this book.

I read other reviews and have to agree with them about the heroin. Sometimes she really comes off as "selfish" because she was always thinking about how to "protect herself" and "not letting others know about her ability". But then she goes healing the hero in front of crowds?? I mean come on, can you not wait until they carry him to a private room??

I think it is natural for the heroin to want to protect herself. I just wish these scenes were written differently so that she doesnt appear to be so self-serving. Because she isn't! She suffers the pain from whoever she is healing and it drains her and people might see her as a witch. Of course she should be careful. But the way she is written just makes her look like a bxtch, which is not very fair.

The way the hero is portrayed, I feel, has the same issue. He seems to want to keep the heroin against her will so that he could benefit from it. Again, all understandable. When you suffer from an illness you just want to get better. You cling to whatever that you believe would help you. This is exactly what the hero did. It is just...he seems really self-serving sometimes, especially in the beginning of the story.

For a paranormal romance story I am surprised that I was able to finish the story and did not want to roll my eyes constantly. I wanted to continue reading and find out what happened to the lead characters. Not 5 stars worthy but it is a good 3 stars timepass.