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A Belated Bride

A Belated Bride  - Karen Hawkins It took me 1 month to finish this book. My mother says I am a "bookeater" because I am a fast reader. The fact that it took me so long to finish the book says a lot about this book.

I don't know what wasn't working for me. I don't think it is written poorly. I do not mind the so-called "second change romances" all that much (though admittedly I am no fan.) The hero was ok, a handsome and rick duke, what is wrong with that? The heroin is ok too. I hate a shrew of a heroin and she is not one of those heroins who think throwing fits shows characters and strength. The plot is not so bad, albeit not great either. I just cannot get into the story. I cannot put my finger on anything in particular that I really did not like. I just do not like the story and do not care what happens to the lead characters. OK the guy left after sharing a passionate night. OK the girl has sufferred humiliation and self-doubt. OK now he is rich and can right the old wrongs. OK she is now shouldering all the family responsibilities plus a handicapped brother. You see what I mean? I am just not impressed by anything in this story and cannot find anything or anyone that I felt oh man I liked that in this book.

I can only conclude that it is the writing style. Everyone has different tastes in writing styles and Ms. Hawkins' style does not speak to me. It is as if she was talking in a foreign language which I am not 100% fluent in and have to focus to understand what she is saying. And with characters that I could not make connections with......that spells a not so great reading experience.

I do not want to discourage anyone from reading this book. I have read worse really. Just to give you some refenrences:

Writers whose styles I respond well to, for example:

Elizabeth Hoyt, Teresa Mederois, Lisa Kleypas

Writers whose style I cannot stomach, for example:

Grace Burrows, Lynsay Sands, Eloisa James