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The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie  - Jennifer Ashley I created a shelf "maybe later", just because of this book.

This book is so well-loved, has so many wonderful reviews and I know so many people who read it and absolutely loved it. I combed through all the positive reviews and decided to read this book after much deliberation (The book was staggeringly expensive when I bought it). I wanted to love it, wanted to be swept away, wanted to fall in love with the characters.

I was left cold reading this book.

I think it is ingenious that Jennifer Ashley decided to write about such a character as Ian. I wanted to see how he fell in love. How would such a man, fictional or not, be like when he is in love? I was waiting with my heart in my throat for the "blown away" effect.

All I saw was a man who is incapable of feeling anything except wanting to sleep with this particular woman Beth. I was not bothered that he acted differently or did not conform to social expectations. But I don't know why he wanted Beth. Maybe I stopped too early and his attachment grew later in the book. But I found nothing special in his feelings toward Beth.

And Beth, oh Beth, why must you suck? However attracted Ian was to her, I felt absolutely nothing. She did not understand why Ian wanted her (God I cannot either), was hesitant and doubtful in accepting his pursuit (all understandable), and was so boring that I wanted to strangle her. I find Ian boring but Beth pisses me off. Usually I only respond to spoiled shrew heroines like this. But Beth manages to elicit such strong negative emotions in me. I am shocked to realize how she much annoys me.

I think this is one of those books whose lead characters have no whatsoever appeal to me. I so wish things were different. Because the book was so freaking expensive, even more so considering this painful reading experience, I would attempt to read it at a later time. I sincerely hope my feelings would change. Or I will just be tormenting myself knowingly then. That will make me feel truly like an idiot.