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The Leopard Prince

The Leopard Prince - Elizabeth Hoyt Oh my oh my oh my.........Harry, what a man!

I have tried to stay away from Elizabeth Hoyt's books because many of her heroins are widows. I am not much for widows. But since Lady Georgina in The Leopard Prince is no widow, I thought I'd give it a try.

And man am I in love with Mr. Harry Pye!

(@Ms. Hoyt: your Mr. Pye is A MASTERPIECE. MAKE MORE OF HIM!!)

I do admit that the name "Mr. Pye" has some sort of comical effect to it. But I love a hero named Harry. Don't ask me why. I just like the name. The story is about Harry, the land steward, and Lady Georgina, the land owner. Lady Georgina is strong-willed and has a head on her shoulders, but she does not throw a fit (like so many "strong-willed" heroins in romance novels, who I am sooooooo tired of: Get a trip woman. That is why men call us emotional.) Harry Pye works for her. Of course they start to develop affections toward each other. But what makes this book so great is Harry Pye is a real man. I mean, what makes a real man? A title, money and lands do not make a man a man. I do not mind a rich or titled hero. But I do gravatate toward these men who have been born without the priviledges of titles but still managed to snatch a place in the world for themselves.

And win themselves a princess at the expense of their hearts.

Isn't that quaint!?

I cannot gush enough about Harry. Ms. Hoyt painted such a sexy hero out of Harry. A reserved man with a sense of humor, showing respect but not submission. He holds his grounds while maintaining respect due his "surperiors". I think that really distinguishes a man: how do you stand taller than someone who was born on a pedestal? The dignity he carries with himself with Lady Georgina is most impressive. I think my heart almost jumped out of my throat when Harry told Georgina in her private room that "if you start something me, don't expect me to be your servant."

I love love love Harry Pye and the sex scenes are tastefully done. Ms. Hoyt does not refrain from using "colorful" words and her intimate scenes are very graphic. I don't know how she does it but she manages to describe carnal pleasures as they are: facts of life, nothing more and nothing less. The intimate scences only serve to make the characters come live, they are human beings with carnal desires, which are our nature.

Please read this book. You will fall in love with Harry, I promise!