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Angel's Assassin

Angel's Assassin - Laurel O'Donnell I rate this book 5 stars because I really took to the story. The writing is fairly simple, so is the story. It is not one of those stories that keep you on your toes but rather, one that lets you sit back and relax. The plot is not complicated so if you like intricately intertwinced stories, this book will not do it for you. It reads however, very well and the story is sweet and tender.

The hero is an assassin. Being betrayed as a young boy by his brother, he was raised as property and to be an assassin for his master and never had a chance at learning the gentle side of life. He received an order from his master one day to kill a young girl, the heroin, in return his master will finally grant him his freedom. So he set out to kill the girl. When he finally met the girl, he saved her from another assassination attempt, albeit to his own dismay. He wondered why someone else was trying to kill her. So he stayed his hands to see how things would develop.

Heroin was grateful to hero for saving her life and scared out of her wits, asked her father to hire hero as her bodyguard. She saw her own mother murdered in front of her when she was young and still suffered from the experience. So the assassin became his target's protector. To make things worse, hero fell in love with the girl he was supposed to kill for his freedom. He was trapped. The girl was of noble birth and they never had a chance at love. He could not bring himself to kill her. He had no freedom and no hopes for a better future with heroin.

Hero's brother however, made a comeback later in the book. The truth about the murder of heroin's mother came out. Everything threatened the heroin's trust in things she believed to be true. People she trusted, her father, her bodyguard who she fell in love with, turned out to harbor secrets which once revealed, were devastating. Strong girl managed to stay in composure, which I admire greatly and took life in strides. No angry or crazy fits. Just grace. I love such heroins.

I went to greater length in describing the story in this review because I think to like this book, you have to like this kind of stories. It is not a literary success, has no complicated plots and is rather simplistic. But it is a great reading experience, if you like a tender redemption love story, where the hero is not a jerk, trying to hide his feelings by hurting heroin. Hero in this book is just a quiet man who did not get angry at heroin just so that he did not appear emotional. I enjoyed this book a lot and went on to another book from the same author. I did not like the other one so much because like this book it is also kind of 'simple". But what sets Angel's Assassin apart for me is the story itself.