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Libertine's Kiss (Rakes and Rogues of the Restoration Book 1)

Libertine's Kiss (Rakes and Rogues of the Restoration Book 1) - Judith James I have mixed feelings about this book.

On one hand, I LOVED Lizzie and William. They are really great characters, especially William. I could almost see them in my mind. I think William's wild "sexecapades" bothered some readers, but I give Judith James a lot of credit for writing William to be the rake that he was. It would be just unnatural if all of a sudden William promised to be faithful. Sometimes our hearts already know what we want, but our minds don't. Then you end up saying things you don't mean or not being able to verbalized things that you actually are dying to say. I think William's hesitation rings truth and makes his "coming-around" more precious. I really like the ideas of Lizzie and William as individuals and a couple. I wanted to know more and more and more, even though the writing style did not appeal to me so much. Lizzie and William are really interesting characters. I wanted to see them happy so much that I stuck with the book.

While I loved the characters dearly, I have trouble with how the story was told. I don't think Judith James writes poorly at all. It is more of a style thing. I wish she would tell the story in a different way. I felt sometimes Lizzie and William act or talk just a tad much. There was too much "explanations", not enough showing. I honesty think this was more a 3 star read, but I really like Lizzie and William, I am going up.

I will however, continue reading Judith James. She created a very interesting couple in this book and I admire how she weaves historical details with fictional characters. Very cleverly done.