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Highlander's Reckoning

Highlander's Reckoning - Emma Prince I guess it is only inevitable. Out of 3 brothers, one of them has to end up with a woman who thinks that being "independent" means she should lie and shout "how dare you!" when she gets caught.

The last book in the series, and I think Ms. Prince needs to change her tactics from now on. The first 2 books were fluffy to the fluffiest. I liked the first one a lot, and 80% of the second book even more. This book, marks a rather uninteresting ending to the trilogy.

There is nothing wrong with Daniel. He is a Highlander. Brave and honorable. I would marry him in a blink of an eye. But not our herione Rona. Rona must "be who she is" and "do whatever she wants" and "come and go as she wishes". If not, well, how dare you!

The 3 books are all similar, typical Highland romances. Since the plots are not exactly creative, the characters must be endearing to keep my interest. But I can't warm up to Rona. Falconry, while really cool and intersting, does not exactly make Rona more attractive as a character in my eyes. I just keep thinking: damn what a waste of a strapping Highlander.

Well, at least it was readable. Ms. Prince does write with a loving tone and I like it. Her next book, would need a bit more punch. I hope she could do that while retaining the endearing qualities in Robert and Alwin (from the first book), Garrick and Jossalyn (from the second book). Daniel Sinclair, I personally think you deserve better than Rona.