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Moonlight Raider

Moonlight Raider - Amanda Scott This book made me want to create a new shelf: Odd Ones.

Why, you ask?

The hero, Walter Scot, is a Scot. He was 24 years old and his father just passed away. Now laird of his clan, he decided to "talk a walk" since he "felt the weight" of his loss and new responsibilities. He found a "girl" called Molly, who was a run away bride, took her home, where his grandmother, his mother and his sisters all resided together. They took their sweet time befriending each other and decided it was best if they married so that Walter could protect Molly. Because Molly's first marraige was without her consent and unconsumated, Walter did this one last thing, without even "finish the act" so to speak, before he had to go away on King's business. During his absence Molly's old "husband" abducted Molly, and Walter came to rescue her, Molly's evil brothers turned nice and all lived happily ever after.

I have rarely read such boring plots. There have been a few serious contenders, I admit, but this one is right up there with all other "too boring that I wonder why they were ever published" books.

My biggest problem with the book, is who the hell are Walter and Molly? Walter was 24 years old, 24, mind you. Yet he acted like a 50 year old man. There are 24-year-old honorable men, and there are 50-year-old honorable men. Walter belongs in the latter group. He is a grandpa! Molly was supposed to be......I don't know....pretty?? For the life of me I cannot picture her in my head, No face, no character, no flair. And you have 2 characters whose characterization is just way off, and there is no chemistry between them. Even my own less romantic life has more heat than theirs. So pray tell, why do I want to read about them?

Surprisingly I did manage to read every word in this book. I was thinking however, the entire time: why am I still reading it? Something kept me going until the last 20% where I quickly lost interest. I knew what is left was for Walter to gallantly rescued Molly and that was all there was left to their story.

I do think however, this book is successful in one thing: the historic setting. The language seems to bother some readers. It did not bother me. I think Amanda Scott successfully created the Scottish Borders and the historic setting. But the characters behaved way too modern for 15th century characters, in the times of James I of Scotland.