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Marrying The Captain (Channel Fleet #1)

Marrying The Captain - Carla Kelly

oh Captain Oliver Worthy, I am also in love with you.


I have heard about Carla Kelly for a while, lots of positive things, but this is my first book from her. I think her style is a little too innocent for me. But there is no denying it: she is a great writer. What I love about this book is Captain Worthy and his internal dialogues. Haven't we all been there, where the characters' internal dialogues drove us nut? Not in this Kelly novel. I wouldn't call her novel funny. It is not that. It is how poignant her characters are in a particular moment. And you laugh because you know exactly why they said what they said. It made you laugh because, well, you would have thought the same, had you been in the characters' shoes.


Eleanor, aka Nana, was 21 years old. I have to say it because it drove me batty in the beginning not knowing how old Nana and Oliver were. Oliver was 30. They met and came to like each other. It was that simple. What was endearing is the process. They were both so wonderfully sweet. And have I said this already? Captain Worthy is swoon-worthy. Really great characters, with Captain Worthy firmly in the lead.


The plot however, is a little bland for me. I like the background, a navy man, in a horrible war against the French. Wives seeing husbands off at the port. Difficult times. Carla Kelly did a great job illustrating that. She created a very endearing relationship between Oliver and Nana. But it kind of lacks excitement or tension. The pace was kind of slow for me. And the last 20% where Nana wen to rescue Oliver, well, I found that hard to believe. I wasn't impressed. Oliver and Nana are a sweet couple and I really liked Oliver. What a wonderful man. But the story is a bit too....sweet for me. Now I am wondering, just how cynical have I become to want a little more drama?