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The Thief

The Thief - Allison  Butler I think this is a very standard Scottish romance story, with no surprises. It features a very strong laird and a supposedly beautiful lady. Only that the laird is not very Scottish. He says things like: "I hope you are not terribly bored." which does not exactly spell: 14th century Scotland. And the lady is not beautiful. I mean the author says she is, but other than her brown eyes, I cannot imagine how she could possibly be beautiful when you read constantly about how she pales in comparison to her golden sister.

This is a very plain book. I won't even bother to describe the plotlines because what you read in the blurb is pretty much what it is. A few things that the author was going for though, I did not buy them. I will list them below:

1. Lachlan did not want to get married: I think he acclimated to the idea well and soon enough. He does not behave like a man who is forced to marry because of a promise, at all.

2. Lachlan did not want to fall in love: again, not convinced. The rationale came very late in the book and way too weak.

3. Kenzie: I just have a huge problem with her name. What kind of a name is that?? I was thinking about McKenzie the consulting firm the entire time and it is not very feminine imagie that is associated with the name. The name was really really really bad. I mean if you changed Jamie to Lachlan, can you not change Kenzie to.....whatever.........Catriona??? Call her Mary! Anything, anything is better than Kenzie.

4. Kenzie is beautiful: sorry, don't believe it. I keep thinking of her in a very plain Jane kind of a way. I don't need my heroines to be breathtakingly beautiful or whatever. But to have her casted as a "beautiful lady" but shown her in such boring lights.......poor choice.

Overall I don''t have a lot of dislikes about the book because, there are not so many things to like or dislike in the book. It is a very standard story where lust conveniently equates love. I do however, like Lachlan a lot as a hero. Kenzie however, is a pathetic heroine. I don't want my heroines to be too tough or strong. But I need them to know their self worth. But I guess Kenzie is such a pathetic character where everyone ignores her and self worth is just new to her.

Despite being rather bored through the book, I still think the book has potentials. It is by no means, a great Scottish romance, or a great romance, never mind the Scottish bit. The series does say: "border". Lowlands and highlands are vastly different. It was good for maybe 40%, then it became rather uninspiring and I started to skim read. Lots of sex scenes or at least plenty of hints at hot sex, I just, don't buy it.