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To Tame a Highland Earl (MacLean Highander Novel)

To Tame a Highland Earl (MacLean Highander Novel) - Tarah Scott I was debating between 2 and 3 stars but settled on 2 in the end. The book started out alright. But it went downhill quickly with all the kidnapping. Hero was kidnapped, wanted to kidnap someone, was told to kidnap someone, heroin planned on kidnapping hero, ended up being kidnapped but oh no no no, not by the hero but by a sleezeball. I don't know how many times Tarah Scott wants to use kidnapping as a ploy. Heroin eloped with someone else years ago and ended up unmarrigable. Now her sister wants to marry the hero and lied to reach the goal. Hero is pissed off and entered the heroin's room by mistake and is forced to marry the heroin but he doesnt want to and the heroin does not want to marry him. Another man wants to marry the heroin but ends up wanting to marry her sister as a lame secondary romance. blah blah blah.

Seriously that is the entire book. Someone is kipdnapped and someone has to marry someone they don't want to and they do something stupid about it. Something then has to be done to rectify the situation. One second they are in the carriage and later they are on the ship. The hero is Scottish but he acts English and he is called laird but he sounds like an English lord. But he was also a navy officer so yeah it has a navy flair to it too (at this point I was asking myself oh so now this is piraty book too??) At about 83% hero and heroin finally get together and all there is is sex.
The reviewers who gave 5 stars, pray tell me what you saw in this book? I went through the book in 3 hours because there is just so much crxp that you can afford to skip (so I did).
The one good thing about it is that the lead characters are not unlikable. Overall a very messy book.