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Thunder and Roses (Signet Historical Romance)

Thunder and Roses (Signet Historical Romance) - Mary Jo Putney This is one of those books that you do not forget. You forget about who wrote it, the name of the book, the names of the lead characters but you DO NOT FORGET THE STORY.

I read this book more than 15 years ago. Searching for new books to read on my kindle I came across Mary Jo Putney and remembered that I read some of her books but had no idea which ones. Then I read the summary of the book and bam, memories flooded back in and I remembered this book as vividly as if I read it last week.

The hero struggles with his dark memories and past with his grandfather who hates him for his gypsy blood. Being the only heir the grandfather had to accept him but never hesitated to make him feel inferior.

The female lead is a prim and proper daughter of the vicar trying to convince the hero to help the village. The hero of course did not want to help for he did not intend to invest emotionally in anything that is related to the title. He put forth a condition which he thought the heroin would never agree to: to live with him for 3 months and he gets a kiss from her every day. If she could do that then he would help the villagers.

The heroin agreed. And then came a wonderful story.

I wrote the above without re-reading the book. This is how good this story is. I remember vividly the details and the connections between the lead characters.

I read other books in the same series. They were ok but this book, being the first one in the series, is the best out of all of them.